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2024 Vendor Application

Deadline October 31, 2023- EXTENDED!!

Acadiana Renaissance Faire, best known as the Féte, is heading into its third year and our first year on our
permanent property! We look forward to growing our family with all of you and appreciate your patience and
cooperation as our faire sets it’s foundations for a future we all look forward to. As we grow, we are planning on
providing a fun experience for those who would like to experience the culture that surrounds the first Mardi
Gras in Louisiana in the year 1699 while including the activities of the world around it. Through the next few
years we will be building, planting, experimenting, and sharing in accordance with this time period.

As we move forward into the new season, we would like to implement a few new rules to increase
professionalism and adherence to the period for our vendors, volunteers, and employees with the expectation
of compliance from all. First, is the requirement of participants to be dressed in appropriate garb for our time
period and be in character during hours of operation. Second, appropriate conduct and language from all is
expected. We reserve the right to escort any non-compliant persons from the property. Alcoholic beverages are
to be saved for after-hours use. Third, you are responsible for the upkeep of your space, pick up any trash or
debris in your area and dispose of it properly. Lastly, all vendor pets are required to be leashed and we reserve
the right to refuse entrance of pets due to dangerous or erratic behavior.

We are currently accepting all applications. Once received, we will thoroughly review each one with the right to
deny or exclude specific items from the product list. If you disagree with a decision, please contact us within 2
weeks to withdraw your application. You will only be allowed to sell the approved items.

Vendor locations will be determined according to dates committed to, as a special area will be set up for those
who are first time vendors who would like to try 1 or 2 weekends only. Fees are determined by space
requirement and percentage of products being hand-made as we are a Maker’s Faire. We are strongly
encouraging a contingency plan for rain/inclement weather. Each tent or set-up should have appropriate
anchors or weights to prevent damage due to rain or high winds. Any damage to property and/or disposal of
damaged materials will be the sole responsibility of the business owner. Your space will be reserved once all
fees are paid in full, including any unpaid debt from last season by November 30, 2023. Please see the Fee
Schedule at the end of the application. If you have any further questions, feel free to email us.

We will now require all vendors to carry liability insurance and/or safety certification as required by law. A copy of
each certificate is to be submitted with Acadiana Renaissance Faire as an ‘Additional Insured’ within 2 weeks
of the event. In addition, it will be required that all booths have their own fire extinguishers.


We also will need information on each business’s Louisiana Sales Tax Permit as we are required
to submit it to the local government. The collecting and payment of sales taxes are the sole responsibility of the vendor.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you!

Fee Schedule:

Full Season:
$300 for 100% Handmade                         $450 for up to 50% Handmade                         $600 for Resale Only

Per Weekend:
$100 for 100% Handmade                         $150 for up to 50% Handmade                         $200 for Resale Only


*Fee includes a 15 ft x 15 ft area for set up including all tie downs, etc., additional fees for extra at $1/sft.

 - If electricity is needed, there is a fixed fee of either $100/weekend for individual weekends or $250 for the season. (Limited availability)

Vendor Camping:

For the 2024 Season, vendor camping will be free. We will not have all of the amenities to provide water/sewage/electricity, so please come prepared.

For those who can't go without modern conveniences:

- RV: 10% of at Lakeview Park and Beach in Eunice, you can reach them at 337-457-2881 for more information.

- Hotel: Info coming soon.

Vendor Application

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